How To Make A Digital Planner To Sell On Etsy? Ultimate Guide

How To Make A Digital Planner To Sell On Etsy? Ultimate Guide

In the digital age, traditional planners are giving way to digital planners that offer the convenience of organization in a tech-savvy format. If you’re passionate about design and organization, creating and selling digital planners on Etsy can be a lucrative venture. 

Being Etsy dropshipping professionals, In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of how to make a digital planner to sell on Etsy.

What Are Digital Planners?

Digital planners are modern, electronic counterparts of traditional paper planners. They are designed to be used on digital devices such as tablets, iPads, or even smartphones. Unlike their physical counterparts, digital planners offer a range of interactive features. 

Users can navigate through pages with clickable tabs, use digital pens for writing or drawing, set reminders with alarms, and easily undo or redo entries. Digital planners provide a more dynamic and customizable organizational experience, allowing users to personalize their planning tools to suit their needs and preferences.

Is Selling Digital Planners on Etsy a Good Idea?

Selling digital planners on Etsy can be a lucrative and rewarding venture for several reasons:

    • Wide Customer Base

Etsy has a vast and diverse community, providing you with access to a large audience interested in unique and creative products.

    • Creative Freedom

Digital planners allow for endless design possibilities, giving you the freedom to explore your creativity and cater to specific niche markets.

    • Low Overhead Costs

Unlike physical products, digital planners involve minimal production and shipping costs. Once created, they can be replicated and sold without the need for inventory or shipping.

    • Passive Income Potential

After the initial effort of creating and listing your digital planner, you can generate passive income as customers download and purchase your product.

    • Growing Market

With the increasing use of digital devices, the demand for digital planners is on the rise. Etsy provides a platform where you can tap into this growing market.

How to Create Digital Planners?

• Research and Identify Your Niche

Before diving into the creative process, it’s essential to conduct thorough market research. Identify your target audience and understand their needs. Explore the existing digital planners on Etsy to identify trends, popular themes, and pricing strategies. This research will help you tailor your digital planner to meet the demands of your potential customers.

• Choose a Platform and Tools

Selecting the right platform and tools is crucial for creating a digital planner. Popular design software options include Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, or even Canva for beginners. Ensure your chosen platform supports the export of files in a format compatible with popular devices like iPads or Android tablets.

• Design Your Planner Pages

Begin designing your digital planner pages based on your chosen niche and audience. Consider incorporating interactive elements like clickable tabs, hyperlinks, and checkboxes to enhance user experience. Pay attention to aesthetics, ensuring your design is visually appealing and user-friendly. Keep in mind the functionality and purpose of each page within the planner.

• Choose a File Format

Decide on the file format for your digital planner. PDF is a common and widely supported format for digital planners. Make sure your chosen format is compatible with the devices your target audience is likely to use.

• Create a Cover Page and Extras

Design an eye-catching cover page for your digital planner. This is the first impression your customers will have, so make it compelling. Additionally, consider adding extra elements such as stickers, icons, or additional planner templates to enhance the value of your product.

How To Make A Digital Planner To Sell On Etsy?

To successfully sell digital planners on Etsy, follow these steps:

• Set Up an Etsy Shop

Create an Etsy seller account if you don’t have one already. Set up your shop by providing a clear and concise shop name, a compelling shop banner, and a detailed shop description. Establish your shop policies, including payment methods and delivery options.

• Create Product Listings

Prepare engaging product listings for your digital planner. Include high-quality images showcasing different pages of the planner and highlight its unique features. Write a comprehensive product description that clearly communicates the benefits of your digital planner to potential buyers.

• Pricing Your Digital Planner

Determine a competitive yet profitable pricing strategy for your digital planner. Consider factors such as the amount of content, design complexity, and the value it brings to the user. Research pricing trends in your niche and adjust accordingly.

• Market Your Digital Planner

Utilize social media, blogs, and other online platforms to market your digital planner. Create engaging content that showcases the functionality and aesthetics of your planner. Leverage SEO strategies to optimize your Etsy shop for search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find your products.

• Provide Excellent Customer Service

Maintain excellent customer service to build a positive reputation. Respond promptly to customer inquiries, address concerns, and provide any necessary support. Positive reviews and satisfied customers can contribute significantly to the success of your Etsy shop.

Other Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

Aside from digital planners, consider expanding your product offerings on Etsy with the following digital items:

• Digital Stickers

Create a variety of digital stickers that users can add to their digital planners or use in other digital projects.

• Printable Artwork

Design downloadable artwork that customers can print and frame for home decor.

• eBooks and Guides

Share your knowledge or skills by creating and selling digital books or guides on specific topics.

• Digital Templates

Offer templates for invitations, resumes, or other customizable documents.

How to Start Selling Physical Products Alongside Your Digital Planners?

If you wish to diversify your Etsy shop by selling physical products, follow these steps:

• Research Market Demand

Identify products that complement your digital planners and have a demand within your niche.

• Source Quality Materials

Choose reliable suppliers for materials, ensuring the quality of the physical products you plan to sell.

• Create Prototypes

Develop prototypes of your physical products to test their design and functionality.

• Set Up Shipping Logistics

Establish a reliable shipping process, considering packaging, delivery times, and shipping costs.

• Update Etsy Shop

Add your physical products to your Etsy shop, creating new product listings with detailed descriptions and high-quality images.

• Market Both Digital and Physical Products

Utilize your existing customer base to introduce your new physical products. Cross-promote your digital and physical items to maximize sales.

By carefully navigating these steps, you can establish a successful Etsy shop selling a combination of digital planners and physical products, catering to a broader audience and maximizing your earning potential.


• Do Digital Planners Sell Well On Etsy?

Yes, digital planners can sell well on Etsy. With a growing demand for digital organizational tools, Etsy provides a platform where users actively seek and purchase digital planners, making it a profitable marketplace for creators.

• How Do I Create A Digital Planner And Sell It?

To create and sell a digital planner, research your niche, design planner pages using software like Adobe Illustrator or Canva, save in a compatible format like PDF, set up an Etsy shop, create engaging listings, market your product, and provide excellent customer service.

• Can I Sell A Digital Planner I Made On Canva?

Yes, you can sell a digital planner made on Canva. After designing your planner, download it in a compatible format (usually PDF) and then list it on platforms like Etsy. Ensure compliance with Canva’s terms of use and any licensing restrictions associated with the elements you use in your design.

• Are Digital Planners Profitable?

Yes, digital planners can be profitable. With low production costs, the potential for passive income, and a growing market, creators can generate revenue by selling digital planners. Success often depends on factors like design quality, market research, and effective marketing strategies.

• What Is The Best Platform To Sell Digital Planners?

Etsy is one of the best platforms to sell digital planners. With its large and diverse user base, Etsy provides a marketplace where creators can showcase and sell their digital planners to a wide audience interested in unique and creative organizational tools.


Creating and selling digital planners on Etsy can be a fulfilling and profitable venture with the right combination of creativity, research, and marketing. By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll be well-equipped to design, list, and sell digital planners that cater to the needs of your target audience, establishing a successful presence in the digital planning market.

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